Computer Case Repairs and Upgrades

The Computer Cases or Towers for Desktop PC’s are the housing for all your components to sit in. A Stylish case makes your computer aesthetically pleasing and a modern well ventilated case allows your components to stay cool and increase its life expectancy. Faulty cases and the accessories inside such as fans can cause abnormal behaviour, overheating and system failures.

Aman’s Computer Services offer low cost Computer Case Repair and Upgrade services to ensure your Desktop Computer is running as it should be.

We can assist in the following common areas:

Computer Case Repairs

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Computer Case Gaming

After something different?

We offer our customers the opportunity to upgrade their current Computer Case. If you are after a more stylish case or if you are after something compact and different, we can offer the latest in Computer Case technology. We are able to source cases with lighting, side windows and also cube shaped designs.

Once all your components have been professionally installed and fitted, you can get back to work in no time.

Interested in a custom built computer? We build computers to your chosen specification or requirement, whether it be for Gaming, Architect based Rendering or even Home Based Media Centers, we use the highest quality components for impressive results both in style and performance.

Check out our Custom Built Computers page to read more.