Website Security

The security of your website is one of the most important factors, a broken compromised website is as good as having no website at all.

As a business, securing your website not only provides your customer with trust in your business but it also protects your business data. Your website is the modern shopfront, with potential customers browsing your website, if they have any doubt of poor website security it can damage your brand and could result in loss of business.

We are able to provide a website security service that is completely bespoke to your situation, whether this be a website rebuild or a website repair to ensure your website is working as it should.

Security Services we offer for Websites:

ACS Website Security

Removal of malware/adware

Websites that are infected with malware or adware can harm your visitors and affect your business.

We have the necessary tools and resources to remove the issue and offer you solutions to combat and prevent this type of threat. We are also able to move your site to a more secure platform and provide you a superior hosting package that offers backups and on-going protection.

Updates & Migration of outdated platforms that the website runs on

The platform your website runs on is the core foundation of your website and if this is outdated or doesn’t have the necessary patches applied, it can cause your website to be vulnerable and not perform just how it used to.

We are able to look after your site, perform any required updates to modules/plugins and carry out any necessary migrations to ensure your site remains secure and performs well with today’s modern browsers and Internet technology.

Recreation of a website after a malicious attack that involved loss of data

We know what it can feel like when your website has been defaced and doesn’t work as it should after an attack. We have witnessed instances where our client’s previous hosting provider had no backup which resulted in the downtime of their website.

After identifying the type of attack that took place, we are able to recreate your website based on what information is still intact. We can also provide you a secure platform to host your website with our backup solution; which is standard across all our hosting packages.

Spam filtering to protect you from unwanted, unsolicited and junk email

We know how annoying those unwanted emails can be especially when your trying to run your business and your Inbox is getting filled by Mr. Smith wanting to give you $10,000.

We have the capability to block these emails and provide you a spam filtering solution that will combat these emails.

Protection of your website with Access Control Policies for users

Your website can be the key to your business and we understand that which is why all our hosting packages are securely protected by Password, Access Control Policies as well as IP filtering to ensure unauthorised access is prohibited.

Other aspects of security we provide is Access Control at a website application level, an example is if you have an individual adding products to your eCommerce store, you don’t want them changing passwords or editing anything they shouldn’t be. We are able to ensure that specific users access only what they need to within your website.

Prevention of hack attempts; e.g. Denial of Service attacks

In todays modern era, hack attempts are still around and can occur if you run a vulnerable website, use insecure passwords or if you are targeted by an attacker.

We are able to provide you with a guaranteed service, utilising backups if necessary, changing passwords and alerting you if any events like these occur. Measures are put in place to block the attacker e.g. by utilising a connection delay when too many attempts are made or blacklisting the associated IP(s). Whatever the security risk concerned, we have a contingency plan already set up to keep your service up and running.

Blocking of certain users/countries by blacklists and Access Control Policies

Some users can pose a threat to your business, spam is the key issue.

We are able to block specific addresses such as the user’s IP, email address and even block key words being sent through your website’s enquiry form. Some users have requested blocking certain countries due to the fact they may be receiving visits/junk mail but have no reason to cater for these visitors.

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Do you require Website Maintenance Services?

The upkeep of your website can be an important factor, especially if you run an eCommerce store that requires products to be added/removed or regularly updated. Even standard or informational websites can require constant change to keep up with the competition in your business area.
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